Why Should Your Horse Wear Horsehoes?

For many of us, maintaining good health means sticking to a healthy diet, performing regular well-programmed exercises, and having an appropriate amount of rest. We tend to forget that there are some seemingly unimportant details in our lives that can also contribute to one’s health status. The clothes, even the shoes, that you wear also have an effect on the quality of your health. Some dismiss the fact that not having the right footwear may also cause stress to the body, particularly to the spine and the back muscles. This can later cause other health concerns. This is also true with horses. So, to make sure that your horse will be at its best shape every time, you need to make sure that it gets shoed. You may ask, “Why should your horse wear horseshoes set?” Well, there are several answers to that question that this post is about to explore.

Why should your horse wear horseshoes?

Like humans, horses need the right shoes to stay fit and healthy. Wearing an appropriate pair of shoes helps them maintain balance, prevents injuries to their tendons, muscles as well as to their bones. It also protects the walls of their hooves and all the bones that are also found in that part of their feet. Allowing a horse to wear horseshoes that does not fit or shaped properly, on the other hand, may cause damage to the hooves, and may even cause lameness to the horse.


What materials are horseshoes made of?

Horseshoes are made of any of these materials: steel, aluminum and rubber.

Steel horseshoes are strong and thick and are intended to be fitted to horses that do a lot of steeping, are in polo, show jumping, as well as in other events where extra protection is needed.

Horseshoes made of aluminum, on the other hand, are lightweight, hence are mostly fitted to race horses as this can allow them to run faster.

How are horseshoes fitted to a horse’s hooves?

The shoes are usually nailed into the hooves. However, there are instances when a special adhesive is used to attach the shoes to the hooves.

Owners usually seek the assistance of professionals who have been trained in shoeing horses. Not only can they have the shoes fitted perfectly well on the horse, they can also advise, even help correct, any fault on the horse’s balance and observed movements after having been shoed. (more…)

Why Should You Use an Underwater Camera for Fishing?

Fishing may be an enticing activity for many. But, however skillful you maybe, you still need the right gear to be make the most of your fishing experience. This is most especially true if you plan to go fishing underwater. It could be fun and exciting, but also quite inconvenient to see clearly, especially if you are going for the bigger catch that like to stay in deeper waters, or if you plan to go fishing in the wee times of the night. It is not enough that you are familiar with the place as well. It will require more sophisticated tools, like an underwater camera for fishing to see what’s in front of you, perhaps even capture moments while exploring the deep. What your next move will be will depend on the images that your camera creates. It is inevitable that you find the best underwater camera for fishing for the best fishing experience every time.

Underwater Camera for Fishing

Advantages of Using an Underwater Fishing Camera

Finding a great catch underwater may be an exhilarating experience that you want to explore. Seeing a school of fish in their natural habitat and exploring their true nature while in the deep is definitely an exciting thing to do. You get to discover all the possible spots where the specific species that you may want to catch frequent. It is also a good way to get to know mother nature at its finest.

However, you won’t be able to have a great few of the deep if you won’t be able to see everything that is in sight. And that is why you need to have an underwater camera for fishing.

Underwater fishing cameras are an intelligent technology that any experienced fisherman thinks is a must-have. A camera such as this provides a better view of what everything present in the water. It gives you a clear glimpse of the species of fishes that frequent that location. You are also provided with a good view of the rock formation as well as the various plants and other deep water creatures present in the locality. It is quite easy to tell whether you will have a great catch if you are aware that there are loads of fishes underneath the water that you are exploring. You can only do that with the right camera for fishing. Your understanding of the environment underneath the fishing location will give you an ide what type of fish bait you would need as well as the manner of how you are going to do your fishing adventure. It could also probably point you to your next fishing location.

Using an underwater fishing camera will be most efficient if you are in a murky location. You don’t even have to get your feet wet to have a good view under a muddy or murky water. If you have kids on a boat exploring with you, it will be a great adventure for them seeing those fishes underneath and every other creatures inhabiting the water beneath. (more…)

Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Beards

Most men grows beard thinking that this is the best features available to attract girls but this fact is true only up to a certain extent because you need to grow your facial hair in such a way that will grab the attention of girls. While there are many reasons why women get attracted to men with beards, there are also reasons why they don’t like it. No girls will ever like you if you have the below-mentioned bears so try to avoid having one of the following:

Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Beards

Patchy Beard

Being equipped with a neat looking beard is a secret to making you look good. However, if your beard is patchy looking, you will not be able to get the attention of the girls just as you expect. Having a patchy beard will make you look less attractive among women. Therefore, you need to pay special attention towards the proper care of your beard. (more…)


Nails are very subtle parts of the body since they are very susceptible to mechanical damage. This means that they always have to be protected if you dream of having them looking elegant. Hard gel for nails have a characteristic thick feel than that of the soft and soak off gels. The molecular structure of hard gels allows them to last longer.  However, there exist some hard gels that are better than the others. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best hard gel for nails in the market.


Gelish Polygel Professional Nail Technician

This is a hard gel kit that contains a number of items that are used in the process of treating the nails. The hard gel polish present is unique in that its commendations are for use by professionals as well as certified specialists. This means that one has to be very careful when using it. Compared to acrylic polish, its mien and composition are lighter. When applied, it lasts for weeks hence providing the nails with a long-lasting, durable and shiny finish. Its application is very easy considering that there is a very easy to use the brush that is provided in the kit. Have you been dreaming of acquiring a professional hard gel polish? (more…)

Prevention and Treatment of Melanoma

Melanoma also known as skin cancer is a viral infection that needs to start being treated early. Thanks to the advancement in medicine, various procedures exist for treating the disease. Technology has in the last few decades advanced to a great extent. This has paved the way for more advanced ways in which such contagious issues as melanoma can be managed depending on its stage. If the patients start being treated early, he or is in a position to have a long life with the condition being well managed. The best melanoma treatments have been analyzed in this article


This involves a surgical oncologist performing an operation that involves the removal of an existing tumour or even the healthy tissues that may be surrounding the tumour. Most of the people that are suffering from local and regional melanoma undergo surgery as one of the best treatment options. Where surgery does not seem to be viable, the disease is said to “unresectable”. This allows the doctor to explore other available options depending on the stage of the disease as well as the risk of occurrence of the disease to the individual. Local and regional melanoma can be treated through wide excision which involves the removal of the affected tissue through surgery. Sentinel lymph node biopsy and lymphatic mapping is also another surgical procedure which involves the injection of a radioactive tracer and a dye to the tumour area. The doctor then removes the lymph nodes that take the injected radioactive tracer or the dye. Lymph nodes dissection is also another surgical procedure that involves the removal of the remaining lymph nodes in an area where surgery had been performed before. This is especially where the cancer is found in sentinel lymph nodes.

Radiation Therapy

This is also another viable melanoma treatment for the affected patients. It involves the use of x-rays with high energy as well as other particles to kill the affected cells. The most popular radiation therapy is the external beam radiation therapy where a machine on the outside is used to direct x-ray beams to the affected areas in a different direction. As a measure to minimize the side effects of the radiations, the x-ray beams are blocked using various special techniques. Depending on the nature of melanoma, a specific radiation therapy regime is directed by the oncologist. However, this procedure has various side effects like skin irritation and fatigue. However, the side effects tend to decrease after the adjuvant therapy. Some other side effects may include lymphedema or even irritation of the mouth which of course is temporary. This, however, might cause problems in swallowing. Antibiotics, as well as topical corticosteroids, may be used the side effects of the procedure on the skin. (more…)

Bearded Dragon Care

There so many pet lovers have turned to some of the most amusing animals to keep as their pets. And one gentle and interesting breed that has been a favored choice for an exotic pet is the bearded dragon. A bearded dragon is a tiny cold-blooded reptile that is a native to the arid desert of Australia. For those who are looking for an easy to manage and less temperamental pet to keep, a bearded dragon would definitely be a good option. They do have some unique features that many most cold-blooded reptiles share, so you would really have to understand their behavior and nature to better provide them the proper care. This Bearded Dragon Care  presents the basic requirements of this docile dragon. Read through this guideline so that you’ll be better prepared on what to expect and what to do with your bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragons

Note that this unique reptile can live for more than a decade. Hence, you would want it to remain healthy and satisfied throughout its stay in its new habitat. A bearded dragon can be quite amusing to watch as it has interesting habits, but you need to make sure that its habitat is fit for the physical features that it has so it will be as active as it should be while in its new environment.

It can be challenging for beginners, but with a lot of research and constant communication with other reptile lovers, you will soon get used to handling and caring for a bearded dragon.

So, what are the basics that you need to provide for your new pet?

First, you have to understand its basic needs. An adult Bearded Dragon can reach up to 2ft in length (average dragon reaches about 17-21 inches). In captivity, these interesting reptiles can have an average lifespan of 10-12 years when provided the right husbandry. They often don’t live as long in the wild, however, compared with many other animals that live longer in their natural habitat. (more…)

I Bought a Hammock for My Bearded Dragon

There are so many strange animals that many animal lovers would rather have as pets than the usual dogs and cats that we usually see at home. One of these unusual creature is the bearded dragon. One of its features that create a different appeal to most hobbyists is its nature looks that make it appear like a miniature dragon. It is also gentle, or tamed as many would rather describe it, and quite easy to maintain. If you decide to have one as a pet, you will need to provide it the proper need the beardie (a name that these reptiles are more commonly known) needs.

bearded dragon

As this docile dragon can live to more than a decade, you will have a long time together with. To make sure that it remains healthy and happy while you are nurturing it, you have to consider all that it needs not only only to survive, but to remain healthy and satisfied.

Bearded dragons come from the the arid, semi-desert regions of Australia. They love to bask in the sun, climb, and spend much of their time in bushes and low-lying trees. There are many ways you can buy a bearded dragon that you can keep as a pet. The safest and best way to find a healthy one will be from reputable reptile breeders. Many of these breeders sale bearded dragons online as well as through a local herpetological society. (more…)


12 year-old Alana Smith has received an official invite to Global X Games!  She will be heading to Barcelona, Spain, to compete in Women’s Park, May 16-19, 2013. This will be her first international skateboard competition and will quite possibly be the youngest female competing! We will post updates on ESPN air times and schedules so you can be sure to catch the action!




It doesn’t get much better than winning a Silver medal at your first X Games event, not to mention becoming the youngest-ever X Games medalist! At only 12 years old, Alana Smith burst onto the scene in the Women’s Park event in Barcelona, Spain, and beat skateboard veterans twice her age. Alana’s street and transition skills were shown with high airs, kickflip to fakies, long grinds, blunts, back-lips and tricks on the sushi dish. She topped her solid runs off with smooth style. For those of you who missed it, here’s a look at her runs.


It’s official! Alana Smith received her certificate from the Guinness World Records confirming her as the “Youngest X Games Medalist”. In May at X Games Barcelona, Alana swiped the title from Njyah Huston, when she won Silver in the Women’s Park event at age 12.