alana-smithAlana Smith is no doubt going to make a name for herself in skateboarding. Already, she places amongst the top in all guy contests, be it street, vert or bowl. At only 12 years old she became the first girl in documented history to land a 540 McTwist in competition, won a Silver medal at X Games Barcelona, and now holds the Guinness World Record as Youngest Athlete Ever to Medal at X Games. She is also one of the only girls in the world currently riding the MegaRamp. As an older sister of three female siblings, she is a strong role model for girls; confident and driven, she has never let fear or diversity stop her from following her heart in a male dominated sport. She is strong, healthy and has a contagious laugh and smile to go along with her beautiful looks. Young and passionate, Alana has a great future ahead of her.

Career Accomplishments:
*Holds Guinness World Record for “Youngest Athlete to Medal at X Games”-
set on May 18, 2013 at X Games Barcelona
*First female to land a McTwist in competition, set on November 3, at Exposure 2012

Contest Results:
2013 X Games Barcelona, Women’s Park: Silver Medal
2013 PHX AM: 59 out of 201 (all guys)
2013 VANS Girls Combi Pool Classic: 4th Place
2013 King of the Groms Qualifier: 3rd Place Expert Bowl; 4th Place Expert Street
2012 Exposure: Best Trick Vert; 2nd Place Vert
2012 King of the Groms Qualifier: 2nd Place, Intermediate Street; 7th Place Expert Bowl
2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour: 7th Place, Vert ; 11th Place, 21 and under Street
2010 Heartbreaker Contest at KTR: 1st Place Street, 12 and under; 2nd Place Vert; 2nd Bowl
2010 Volcom Wild in the Parks: 8th place out of 35 (12 and under)